Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bright Lights Chard SeedsBright Lights Chard, its about that time. Heirloom seeds ar the way to go . . . take a trip back in time when things were about QUALITY. . . not quantity. Yum Yum.

A classic "ando" masterpiece

I came across this drawing of Andy's the other day and was blown away. I think this is my favorite . . .ever. It combines all of my favorite elements of his work. Gonna beg him to re-create this for me one day, or better yet try to find it in the garage and have it framed. To buy Andy Davis art, visit the website at www.mynameisandy.com.

Inspiration Show Santa Monica

Join hands vintage/recycle freaks . . . the inspiration show is the first of its kind.
An exclusive shopping event. www.myfreedamn.com

Posh Chicken Livin'

Your chickens can live in style in this coop. Not too shabby for an urban farm. Can't wait to get some sweet little chicks. Andy is going to need some convincing. This coop may do the trick.

Big Yellow Bin

The conran shop has some great home goods, this big yellow bin is like a yellow submarine. I want to drive it beneath the sea and look for whales. We all live in a . . . . . . . .

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sir Dominique Imbert

Sir Dominique Imbert

January 21, 2010

by: Ashley Davis

Beautiful stoves by "Focus" have been honored at the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux. I would like to pay homage to Sir Imbert by installing one of these beauties in our living room. The U.S. distributor is located in Santa Fe, NM.