Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen

You were supposed to sing the title of this post to the tune of "white christmas." It is too early for bad jokes . . . you're right. Look at how the stove sits just waiting for me to cook upon it and the pink flowers call attention, as they should, against the white background. Now, the lounge chairs: make yourself a jasmine green tea and grab a Surfer's Journal or Dwell magazine and have a seat. Excuse me, where are the one of a kind, hand-made coffee mugs?  I know they are behind one of those cabinet doors. I am guessing the surf racks are on the other side of the house next to the salt water pool and guest cottage.

Via "Sweet as Candy" a cute little blog I just found.  

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, Serge, you devil.

                Serge Gainsbourg epitomizes the word: artist. He was multi talented, working as a poet, musician, painter, actor and director. Most remember him as one of the worlds most influential musicians and for dating beauties such at the banged bombshell, Jane Birkin, above. Summer months are so frisky, don't you think? Some people enjoy summer. Others embody it.  I have seen a lot of skin the last few days on the beach but the photo above gives me the greatest chuckle. Says Jane Birkin: "What should I bring out on the town? Hmmmm. My basket, my boobs, my musician and my bangs." You have to love people with confidence don't you? The world would be so boring without them.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Leroy Grannis Photography

Greg Noll Surf Team, Sunset Beach 1966 photo by Leroy Grannis, 
a man who captured the most beautiful surf photos of the 60's and 70's.
 My favorite in this photo are the classic striped board shorts. 

Above: Miki Dora, Malibu 1961 by Leroy Grannis

If you like these photos, buy his book, Leroy Grannis, Birth of a Culture
It is a must have for every coffee table: 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr. Postman

I am going to start by painting the same words (love letters only) on my mailbox. Next I will leave a note that reads: "Mr. Postman/woman I am a mom of a little boy who comes home from pre-school with obscene amounts of art that cannot be bent, lunch-boxes that must be carried at a certain angle so things don't drip, sippy cups AND snack tins. At this time, I cannot carry junk mail, groceries and my little boys belongings from the car to the house. I end up staining the one shirt that I actually spent money on or dropping a piece of paper that is sure to be picked up by the wind before I can catch it. My son screams and darts after the waste paper you left because: the "trash will litter the earth if we let it fly away." All things still in hand, I have no choice but to chase my son who is trying to save the drifting grocery coupons that I will NEVER, EVER remember to use. I admit, there are simpler ways to carry things and they don't need to be carried at once. However, I also have A.D.D. so I usually forget any plan I came up with to help myself with this task. Therefore, I must accept, that I am an official failure at getting from the car to the house in one piece, without uttering a curse word or losing my sanity. Please help my self esteem by leaving this mailbox free of junk mail. In return I leave for you a lollipop." Love, Ashley

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yes to LOVE

Nan Lawson Print

I spent the last week on vacation watching trees sway, fire flies dance through dark and my little boy dive into the swimming pool with unbridled excitement and silliness. As a youth I took so much time to think, now it is hard to really investigate myself because things are just too darn busy. However, last week, I got that chance & I realized something about myself. I realized how parenthood changed me when it shouldn't have. I realized that my true, wild, adventurous, rebellious, free thinking self is just as well suited for parenthood as this uber-responsible person I have become. It worked for a while & perhaps it was necessary when my little one was a baby. But as I watched this grown up little boy wiggle through the days with zest I realized it was time to introduce him to the original "me." Now the only problem is finding "her." I think I left her in Costa Rica or Indonesia or Mexico. I might have to take a few vacations to remember where she is. :) "Don't hold back" is my motto for 2010. What is yours?
Print can be found here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just imagine how much your bicycle meant to you, before you owned a car. As a child I led a very productive life thanks to my pink schwinn; I remember peddling my way to the swimming pool or a friend's house. A good portion of the world makes due without a way to transport themselves, their products, their children or their trash. At WORLDBIKES.ORG you can purchase a cool bike, donate or sign up to volunteer for a really amazing organization. So often non-profits provide a band-aid for problems, to me this is a clear, well thought out solution.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Look what the surf dragged in.

photo by anna murray via

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt

What do they have in common? Designer and artist Vanderbilt is Anderson Cooper's mom. I took an interest in Anderson after admiring his journalism on the oil spill in the gulf. My dad mentioned the connection and I was shocked. Just interesting . . . don't you think?
Gloria Vanderbilt pictured here in the 70s with her husband Mr. Cooper and her sons.