Friday, April 30, 2010

Guess Who modeled for Chanel in the 1960's

Martha Stewart, yes, yes, I am as surprised as you. Well, maybe you guys knew this and I am just the last to find out. I came across these photos in the Huffington Post, here is the link.

My Garden

Gardens are life giving reminders of the abundance of magic all around us. Surfing gives me my daily dose of heaven and so does my garden. I vow to spend the entire day pulling weeds & doing what it takes to surround my family with the beauty of vegetables & flowers. Sadly I neglected my patch for a while, but I am back. Dirty hands, earth, vibrant green colors, tomato hornworms, fresh tomato sauce & life lessons: the garden is the giver. I just have be present for the gift; it is hardly a fair trade. Nature is so selfless. Get help with your gardening questions Saturday May 8th, Patagonia Cardiff, at the gardening workshop given by Victory Gardens http://www.victorygardenssandiego.com/.

photos by: Tiffany Campbell

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's time

I feel that I have waited long enough for the revival of the vintage swim cap and swim wear.I am DYING for the photo of gorgeous surfer girl with 10 toes over the nose while rocking a vintage cap. What do you say Andy? The Ando & Friends summer shoot? Let's do it. I nominate Michelle as the model.

CHeck out this blog dedicated to vintage swimwear. LOVE IT. Glamour splash blog.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BCXSY a collection named Golden Glory

This collection of art challenges the mind to rethink our values. We don't cherish mass produced objects so why make them? Love the Mc Donald's piece. Hilarious!!!

The following information is available on the designers' site: http://www.bcxsy.com/home/

Precious Objects

The exclusive one-offs that comprise GOLDEN GLORY explore the necessity of cherishing meaningful objects. Through the laborious art of hand-gilding, common plastic novelties and generic trinkets transcend the realm of the mass produced and meaningless and become truly remarkable modern day keepsakes.

Materials: mass-produced plastic toys and everyday objects – hand gilded with 23.75k gold-leaf, acrylic-glass plate.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Starting Young

What is it like to be around surfing from day numero uno? I think Noah likes it. Check out the hang 10. Its all about the style baby, its all about the style. The new Beacon's crew will have some shredders for sure. Kayden, Kateline, Nolan, Madeline & Noah will have fun growing up with the water I think. The weekends have been so fun watching these little rippers find their way with the waves. More photos of "the crew" to come.

Love the bright colors of India? Me too.

Have you ever noticed that impoverished people surround themselves with bright colors? Do you think it adds joy to their lives? When do we start editing away all the color?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Andy Davis Art

This beautiful original painting on wood by "Ando" was donated to the Surfrider Art Gala last year. Check out www.mynameisandy.com to find more prints, originals and drawings by Andy Davis. Also visit http://www.surfridersd.org/ to buy tickets for the San Diego chapter Art Gala. "Land of the Lost" is a beautiful painting by Andy that will be available for purchase at this years' event.

Wool Rock Cushions by Ronel Jordaan

With so many forms of sculpture and design relying on toxic processes, it is nice to see artists using eco-friendly mediums such as wool for their designs. These boulders remind me of the surf spot George's. Wouldn't it be great if you went to have a seat after a surf and the rock was cushy? The rugs aren't so practical but, hey . . . it's a new, fun concept and the designer gives jobs to women in Africa who are in need. http://www.roneljordaan.com/

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Faroe Islands, COLD WAVES, but beautiful.

I love the color of this house. It is what compelled me to write about the Faroe Islands.

In 2007 National Geographic named the Faroe Islands the most appealing destination in the world. Here is a little info from the magazine's review of the island:

"Superb glaciated landscape with incredibly steep slopes. Only a small amount of flat land. A unified local community, resolutely Faroese not Danish, with its own language. It has a unique architectural heritage, right down to the grass roofs, quite rightly preserved and cherished. Tourists are adventurous and wellinformed."

It is important to note that this island and it's cultural practice of killing pilot whales has caused them international media backlash. They argue that they use all the meat from the kill. Unfortunately their own health is at risk with alarming rates of death from mercury poisoning and babies being born with mental retardation. This is, in my opinion, a very touchy subject but one that must be addressed.

Sign the petition below & watch the pbs special.

PETITION: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/end-whale-dolphin-slaughter-in-the-faroe-islands

PBS SPECIAL: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/faroe605/video_index.html

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Every once in a while it happens. I get a longing in my heart for home, a deep, pulling desire to breathe fresh country air, to simplify life, to let fashion be a waste of energy & to have strangers tip their head and all say "hi" as they pass. Mom & Pop stores & community thrive in small towns. Farmer's markets are a bit obsolete because you can just drive up to the blueberry farm or peach farm and pick your own bucket full. It is a difficult task to make small town folk understand the importance of earth day but ironically it is the small town that could teach us a thing or two about the earth. When we go back to simple living, to owning two dresses instead of 20, to getting our hands dirty on the farm and cooking our family a meal (not in the microwave), we will have saved not only our earth but also our hearts. Take a look at the place I call "home": Nacogdoches, Texas. Time to go home and let my "hippie ass" take a lesson or two from an old wise country man: my dad. He has a good chuckle when I start ranting about the earth . . . I can finally admit, his way is the right one (give or take a few minor details).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day: Momma's still in charge.

These photos are gorgeous, lightning strikes during the volcanic eruption. Seriously?

Nature is genius. I never cease to be amazed and humbled by it's beauty.
Photo: Lucas Jackson)
(AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti
photo: Lucas Jackson)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rumors are flying about these:

There are already a whole crew of shredders lining up to have a go. Back off boyz . . . give a sister a try. Gonna lay in bed tonight and figure out how to weasel this out of Manny's hands for an hour. Perhaps I will bake some cookies.
Visit the Manny's website Mandala Custom Shapes and order now.
I RODE IT, this quad is a speed demon. A must have for summer.

5'1" Mini Simmons Quad
20" x 2.5"
ice blue opaque
wet-sanded gloss
marine-ply AK4s by Daniel Partch
Moonlight Glassing!

Time to get the seeds in the ground.

I am too surrounded by weeds here. Lots of work to do. How about you? What are you planting?