Friday, July 30, 2010

Plain English Design

Why white? Because the world outside the home is moving fast. There are advertisements everywhere, street signs, billboards and even t.v. monitors on the gas pump now. Home needs to be the opposite of what we see in the city. Home needs to be clear, free, open, light and filled with possibility. One vase of flowers or a painting changes the look of the room. I am so in love with this and dream of serving pancakes from a open place like this one day. Don't get me wrong, my priorities are in line. I know that I am blessed even if I never get this kitchen. I know that there are people suffering and this kitchen should be the last thing on my mind in a world where the majority of people don't even have a home. So . . . let me say this, I love what the kitchen represents. I love the design. It is pretty and perhaps if more people could have a clean, clear place to think and dwell they could do more for the world that way. At least that is my way of making peace with my desire. Thanks to everyone for reading.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Mrs. Maldives

It is bittersweet to see my girlfriend, Amy Kotch, pulling into waves like this. I miss her and the surf sessions we used to have. We would giggle and hoot each other on and were giddy to be in the ocean having fun. Then she moved away to the Maldives, fell madly in love with a New Zealand chap and is now long gone pulling into mad waves like the ones above. This swell is supposedly one of the best to ever hit the Maldives. So happy for you Ames, just wish I was there to cheer you on in person. I read that she snapped two boards during this session then borrowed a third and paddled back out. You are one amazing chic . . . thanks for inspiring us back home.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taken by Trees

Hope you get taken by trees this weekend, the cd. This may be my favorite band name ever. Don't you wish the forest or the ocean would come looking for you sometimes? What if you were sad and a tree sat down beside you with its arm around you? Or if you did something great and the ocean handed you a trophy. How cool would that be? Well, since that may not happen for you without a lot of margaritas . . . try popping a Taken by Trees cd in instead. My favorite song is "day by day", on the East of Eden cd. One line of the song is: "I could hold you for a hundred years, take away your greatest fears." Reminds me of my little boy or young love.  Here is a link to an Animal Collective cover by the band. Do yourself a favor and watch.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brent Couchman

So yesterday I had a total BP freak out. I listen to the news about how the company is trying to weasel out of paying victims, controlling air space to prohibit photographs of the spill and using toxic chemicals to hide oil that they really haven't been cleaning up. I have followed this cloesely since the beginning and I just feel like the world has gone mad. How is it possible that the government let the response to the spill proceed this way? Well, I am not pointing fingers at one politician, I think the whole system is whack. I wish there was a law against lying.  A little bit of truth goes a long way. As for me I will just keep moving forward, (hence the art I have chosen today) but I have to accept that this spill has changed me profoundly and I am still processing my feelings on the issue. Are you? 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craving Clean

 There most important duty around my house right now is for me to get organized. I really crave and admire clean spaces. It just makes you feel free to think and move around.

Photo credit: MARIE ERIKSSON / Via Skona hem

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So . . . it happened.

Today was one of those days I have been longing for. A day surrounded by my favorite things: sun, ocean, good waves, love and friendship. I felt 100% like a this little girl, carefree, marching down the beach going to ride the waves with a full belly and plenty of energy. Somehow, the stars were in alignment for me when I paddled out because the most gorgeous set of the day swung wide and came directly at me. It was one of the longest  I have ridden all year. I was laughing all the way to the beach, going so fast I could hardly hang on. I could have jumped off at any moment as I approached the pitching inside corner but not today. I pig dogged it & made it to the sand. Then a friend bought me lunch and I arrived home to find free clothes from a stylish girlfriend on my doorstep (thanks Heather) AND it started raining and thundering (MY FAVORITE). I declare this day and official gift to me and I thank God and all my friends for making it TERRIFIC.  For one whole day, I forgot about all my worries &  my age. Today I was about 8 years old and LOVED IT. Sorry for the gushing but seriously . . . it never happens quite like this. Hope tomorrow is your day.
photo by: irenesuchocki, link

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kuksa for you, Kuksa for me

A good friend, Manny Mandala, introduced me to the Kuksa cup. I was immediately enchanted by the idea of having just one cup that is yours and yours only.  After all "one cup" is a great Bob Marley song AND a symbolic reminder that we just need one. Well, go sit outside and get to carving. :) Here is the way to do it: link. Or, buy yours from this store. All these links were researched by the precious Jurrianne Matter blog.

"The Kuksa is not just a drinking cup, it is a lifelong companion." 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Style Master Alex Knost

Alex is like the Elvis of wave riding, introducing moves to surfing that break every rule. One might love the slow dance and the glide afforded by the longboard, but Alex, took that aesthetic and turned it all on its ass. There is so much going on with his feet, his body & his board that I found myself entranced when I surfed with him in Mexico years ago. He looks like he is dancing to an insane rock song on every wave, like his mind is tuned into a radio station that I can only dream of tuning into. It has been years since something inspired me in surfing. I feel like an old dog that has seen it all before over and over again. (Big yawn at all the testosterone driven ugly thrashing crap). That old way of surfing just isn't Alex.  His approach is undoubtedly art driven and an almost anarchist revolt agains industry standards. Although he may have never intended on shaking things up as much as he has, he has embodied his role well wearing lots of black like all the best rebels do.   I am here to tell you he is a rock star in and out of the water. (No seriously, he is really a rock star in the band Tomorrow's Tulips). 

Photos (top two) property of Rvca
Fabulous surfing photos (bottom two) by Kyle Lightner, link to his website & blog here.

Hello Sun

Friday, July 9, 2010

Illustrations by Wayne Pate

So my friends and family know that I did a really stupid thing last year. In an effort to get my son to sleep in his own bed I offered to build him a yellow submarine to sleep in.  At the time, I had the greatest vision of the song "yellow submarine" by the Beatles playing while my little boy fell fast asleep inside his yellow sea vessel. But now I get the "where is my submarine" eye roll from a 5 year old. I am gonna build that damn bed if it kills me. I will have you all know that I am very good with power tools so it isn't as crazy as it sounds.  The seagull illustration above, by Wayne Pate, will hang next to the sweet aquatic masterpiece. IT WILL. IT WILL. IT WILL. (said with a childish shoe stomp)  Link 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A connection with nature

Sometimes I miss being a kid and my connection to nature. I used to roll around in the dirt, climb trees and wander through the woods all alone. I am still deeply connected through the ocean but my days in the woods are over. This photo would have been on my wall as a little girl.  I love women that look as if they haven't s lost the child within. Brigitte's hair looks disheveled and her clothes unimportant. Is she free and happy? Maybe not, maybe a stylist put this together, but she certainly looks that way. It is beautiful to me. I have come to realize that I like the bohemian look even if it is put together with great thought. It encourages those around us to focus on freedom, happiness and peace. photo: Brigitte Bardot, link
"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth" - Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Sur

Nature seems more intense out here, almost biblical. - Alastair Gordon

Just home from a camping trip to Big Sur. It felt like the photos above. Like a trippy trek up a mystical coastline.  I have washed my hair twice but the smell of campfire lingers on . . . and on. As an observer, I felt a powerful hippie energy there. After some research I learned that Big Sur was a major meeting spot in the 60's for those long haired, sun worshipping, feral, folk. :) 

Photos credits:top left (link), top right (link), center (link), bottom: getty images