Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr. Postman

I am going to start by painting the same words (love letters only) on my mailbox. Next I will leave a note that reads: "Mr. Postman/woman I am a mom of a little boy who comes home from pre-school with obscene amounts of art that cannot be bent, lunch-boxes that must be carried at a certain angle so things don't drip, sippy cups AND snack tins. At this time, I cannot carry junk mail, groceries and my little boys belongings from the car to the house. I end up staining the one shirt that I actually spent money on or dropping a piece of paper that is sure to be picked up by the wind before I can catch it. My son screams and darts after the waste paper you left because: the "trash will litter the earth if we let it fly away." All things still in hand, I have no choice but to chase my son who is trying to save the drifting grocery coupons that I will NEVER, EVER remember to use. I admit, there are simpler ways to carry things and they don't need to be carried at once. However, I also have A.D.D. so I usually forget any plan I came up with to help myself with this task. Therefore, I must accept, that I am an official failure at getting from the car to the house in one piece, without uttering a curse word or losing my sanity. Please help my self esteem by leaving this mailbox free of junk mail. In return I leave for you a lollipop." Love, Ashley

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