Monday, May 31, 2010


These textiles were created in Turkmenistan (bottom image) and Uzbekistan (top image) using the Ikat dying method. Ikat is a near universal weaving style common to many world cultures, however, the word originates from Indonesia. Likely, it is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. What fascinates me is how so many of the most noted designers today are borrowing from ancient traditions. Any of these patterns look familiar? They do to me. I would like to borrow this straw yurt AND the textiles . . . if you are going to gather inspiration might as well look to the best. These historical crafts are still relevant. Now that is true skill.


  1. hi Ashley.... So I have heard so much about you from Heather Feemster... and I saw you comment on Happenstance so I jumped over to your beautiful blog... love everything and especially dying over this post because I have been so in love with these fabrics as of late. I am on a major hunt for the perfect ikat for our new bedroom.

    hope this comment finds you happy ;). Alexis

  2. Hello hello Alexis. Best of luck finding the perfect Ikat for your bedroom . . .sounds so fun. I am gonna bounce over to your blog and join, I have seen it before and I love it.