Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VIsit Harley Farms?

Harley Farms is a restored 1910 dairy farm on nine acres of patsure in Pescadero, CA. They offer private tours and home cooked farm dinners. The farm shop features award winning ricotta, feta, chevre, fromage blanc cheeses & a luxurious range of goat milk lotions and soaps. They are passionate advocates for slow food and even won the 2008 San Mateo County Sustainable Business of the year for the integrity of their water use, diversification and good citizenry. I will definitely be planning a family trip to the farm, won't you join me? After all, goats are my "thing". There is something magical and wild about them . . . a special breed, much like Dee Harley the fine woman behind this special slice of earth. It is people like this who restore my faith in goodness and in life. Link


  1. Gotta love the cabras! We stop to visit the goats on Westlake frequently. We bring them our leftover greens and veggie scraps. There are a ton of baby cabras right now. The owners are super friendly, Noah would love it!