Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You have heard of Kimo's Restaurant right?

Well check out Sandy's Retaurant in Huntington Beach. It is part of the TS Restaurants chain who owns Kimo's, Duke's and Jake's Del Mar. Andy made their logo, tshirts, menu graphics & 3 huge paintings for their new casual beach cafe' on the sand in Huntington Beach. Make sure to stop by if you are near the pier and enjoy some great food. Their grand opening is scheduled for mid May but the doors are open now. The owners are great people, I worked for them years ago in Lahaina as a t-shirt girl and was happy that Andy had the chance to ad some "Ando" love to their new restaurant. Funny that I used to sell the t-shirts my husband now makes. I would sit in my booth and check the surf, not a bad job for a young surf rat. The owners are true surfers and obviously care deeply about the quality of their restaurants and the way they treat their staff. It was a true pleasure to do business with them. Here is the link to their website.

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  1. Go Andy! Very cool. Would be fun to do a girl road trip it up there for lunch!:)