Monday, May 3, 2010

Jose' Andres is the modern day Willy Wonka

I watched a 60 minutes special on Jose' Andres three times in a row last night and must admit I was ever so charmed by his vibrant personality. From the minute I heard him speak about food I was enamored. He has a contagious passion about cooking that is all but lost in the majority of U.S. households. Born and raised in Spain he was schooled in culinary arts (by an accomplished Spanish chef) after dropping out of high school, now he teaches molecular gastronomy (breaking down of food molecules) on occasion at Harvard University. He owns L.A.'s "The Bazaar", along with 7 other restaurants. Located in Beverly Hills it is the only restaurant to get a 4star food review in the L.A. times. Meanwhile he volunteers in a Washinton D.C. soup kitchen just like he has always done, teaching the passion of cooking to the less fortunate. It is his goal to change food in America, wanting everyone to find love in fruits and vegetables that he does. I am with you Jose', food is dreamy & gorgeous. Lets all get back to quality rather than quantity with everything that we consume.


  1. Ha, I caught this last night too! Didn't get to see the whole thing though will have to watch your video. Read an article on Pau Gasol in Los Angeles magazine and he mentions that he and Jose Andres are friends and that Jose has even gone to his house to cook for him. I guess that's what being a Laker and having money will get you;)

  2. I would LOVE to have dinner with this man, he really captivates me. Maybe we should try to schedule a girls dinner at his restaurant for next year. Reservations are almost impossible but hey, if you plan ahead maybe we could get in.

  3. P.S. Funny how I just suggested we road trip it to Kimo's and you suggested the same but at The Bazaar. Hmmm, on the same page I tell you!