Monday, July 12, 2010

Style Master Alex Knost

Alex is like the Elvis of wave riding, introducing moves to surfing that break every rule. One might love the slow dance and the glide afforded by the longboard, but Alex, took that aesthetic and turned it all on its ass. There is so much going on with his feet, his body & his board that I found myself entranced when I surfed with him in Mexico years ago. He looks like he is dancing to an insane rock song on every wave, like his mind is tuned into a radio station that I can only dream of tuning into. It has been years since something inspired me in surfing. I feel like an old dog that has seen it all before over and over again. (Big yawn at all the testosterone driven ugly thrashing crap). That old way of surfing just isn't Alex.  His approach is undoubtedly art driven and an almost anarchist revolt agains industry standards. Although he may have never intended on shaking things up as much as he has, he has embodied his role well wearing lots of black like all the best rebels do.   I am here to tell you he is a rock star in and out of the water. (No seriously, he is really a rock star in the band Tomorrow's Tulips). 

Photos (top two) property of Rvca
Fabulous surfing photos (bottom two) by Kyle Lightner, link to his website & blog here.


  1. When One California Day came out I went to the premier. I have to admit that sat through the film and I was like what said about an old dog, I was stoked at the movie but i just had this feeling like I had seen this before. That was until I saw Alex for the first time in that film. When his scene hit, it was seriously the first time that night that I sat up in my chair and just thought "wow this guy is nuts. I love it!" I remembered him. I later bought the movie just so I could watch the segment again and again. Interestingly enough his segment was mixed up with Tyler Warren, another guy that blew me away that night. I had never heard of those guys before but after that they were everywhere. For good reason.

  2. Yes, Tyler has his magic too. I will soon have to write about him as well, he fits into the "shaking it up" category for sure. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment. :) Have a good one Ed.

  3. One California Day is a pretty epic movie. Both of them rock. I saw them this past Saturday and one Andy Davis at SHF :)
    Great write up. Cheers!