Thursday, July 15, 2010

So . . . it happened.

Today was one of those days I have been longing for. A day surrounded by my favorite things: sun, ocean, good waves, love and friendship. I felt 100% like a this little girl, carefree, marching down the beach going to ride the waves with a full belly and plenty of energy. Somehow, the stars were in alignment for me when I paddled out because the most gorgeous set of the day swung wide and came directly at me. It was one of the longest  I have ridden all year. I was laughing all the way to the beach, going so fast I could hardly hang on. I could have jumped off at any moment as I approached the pitching inside corner but not today. I pig dogged it & made it to the sand. Then a friend bought me lunch and I arrived home to find free clothes from a stylish girlfriend on my doorstep (thanks Heather) AND it started raining and thundering (MY FAVORITE). I declare this day and official gift to me and I thank God and all my friends for making it TERRIFIC.  For one whole day, I forgot about all my worries &  my age. Today I was about 8 years old and LOVED IT. Sorry for the gushing but seriously . . . it never happens quite like this. Hope tomorrow is your day.
photo by: irenesuchocki, link


  1. That is awesome, love those moments! How crazy was that thunder and rain?!

  2. Oh, How I love these kind of days!!
    Just reading your post made me feel so happy and carefree!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. This is an amazing post. What a feeling. Wishing you lots more long, laughter-inducing waves to ride!

  4. Awesome!!! Here's to many more soon to come!

  5. Yes, my sweet blog friends, let there be days like this for all of us.