Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Mrs. Maldives

It is bittersweet to see my girlfriend, Amy Kotch, pulling into waves like this. I miss her and the surf sessions we used to have. We would giggle and hoot each other on and were giddy to be in the ocean having fun. Then she moved away to the Maldives, fell madly in love with a New Zealand chap and is now long gone pulling into mad waves like the ones above. This swell is supposedly one of the best to ever hit the Maldives. So happy for you Ames, just wish I was there to cheer you on in person. I read that she snapped two boards during this session then borrowed a third and paddled back out. You are one amazing chic . . . thanks for inspiring us back home.


  1. Oh my, she's amazing and those waves are epic, so beautiful.

  2. Incredible! You'll have to share with her my epic story of paddling out past the white wash at Moonlight. Yeah, I was pretty stoked.