Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brent Couchman

So yesterday I had a total BP freak out. I listen to the news about how the company is trying to weasel out of paying victims, controlling air space to prohibit photographs of the spill and using toxic chemicals to hide oil that they really haven't been cleaning up. I have followed this cloesely since the beginning and I just feel like the world has gone mad. How is it possible that the government let the response to the spill proceed this way? Well, I am not pointing fingers at one politician, I think the whole system is whack. I wish there was a law against lying.  A little bit of truth goes a long way. As for me I will just keep moving forward, (hence the art I have chosen today) but I have to accept that this spill has changed me profoundly and I am still processing my feelings on the issue. Are you? 


  1. Geez girl, I'm freaking out daily, now there's a spill in China...ARMAGEDDON!!! Our Gov is TOTALLY corrupt. As you know I voted for HILARY!!! Obama better step it the fuck up.

  2. I feel you Ashley, it is painful to even watch anymore. It's tough. But I'm sorry to say that it wouldn't matter who was in office ... Bush, Obama, Hillary, etc. this still would've happened. There is too much money and too many hands intersecting into different pockets that it would be totally impossible to point any one finger at any one politician or CEO. You might as well cast a net.

  3. That is my point of view. I have no anger toward any one politician . . . it is the whole system. Obama may be amazing but unable to do what he wants because of red tape. The system is corrupt as hell. Why do we allow money to govern everything? Golden rule: the gold makes the rules.