Friday, April 30, 2010

My Garden

Gardens are life giving reminders of the abundance of magic all around us. Surfing gives me my daily dose of heaven and so does my garden. I vow to spend the entire day pulling weeds & doing what it takes to surround my family with the beauty of vegetables & flowers. Sadly I neglected my patch for a while, but I am back. Dirty hands, earth, vibrant green colors, tomato hornworms, fresh tomato sauce & life lessons: the garden is the giver. I just have be present for the gift; it is hardly a fair trade. Nature is so selfless. Get help with your gardening questions Saturday May 8th, Patagonia Cardiff, at the gardening workshop given by Victory Gardens http://www.victorygardenssandiego.com/.

photos by: Tiffany Campbell


  1. I love your garden! Cute photos.

  2. Your garden is amazing! Is that kale I see? I might have to go to the gardening workshop. We've been talking about making a vegetable garden box lately. Yours is absolutely inspiring!