Thursday, April 22, 2010


Every once in a while it happens. I get a longing in my heart for home, a deep, pulling desire to breathe fresh country air, to simplify life, to let fashion be a waste of energy & to have strangers tip their head and all say "hi" as they pass. Mom & Pop stores & community thrive in small towns. Farmer's markets are a bit obsolete because you can just drive up to the blueberry farm or peach farm and pick your own bucket full. It is a difficult task to make small town folk understand the importance of earth day but ironically it is the small town that could teach us a thing or two about the earth. When we go back to simple living, to owning two dresses instead of 20, to getting our hands dirty on the farm and cooking our family a meal (not in the microwave), we will have saved not only our earth but also our hearts. Take a look at the place I call "home": Nacogdoches, Texas. Time to go home and let my "hippie ass" take a lesson or two from an old wise country man: my dad. He has a good chuckle when I start ranting about the earth . . . I can finally admit, his way is the right one (give or take a few minor details).

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  1. SO GREAT to see your hometown! Living in balance...the only way!!