Saturday, April 17, 2010

British Invasion.

Is the trend of using the British flag in modern art & home decor a way of paying homage to the arrival of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, the Kinks, the Who & many more legendary bands to the music scene. Any reference to that time in history is undoubtably cool.

Or is this trend a reflection of the fashion of that era? Which comes first fashion or the music? The chicken or the egg?

Our house has been taken over by the British this weekend. The breakfast table was filled with children saying "Mummy, could I please have another waffle?" So adorable to have friends in town with accents.

Pillow by Jonathan Adler.

Beatles arrive in the U.S.
Photo above by Jane Hilton.

Melanie Porter chair as seen on Made by Girl blog. I was blown away when I saw this. Go to the designer's website and see the back of it, the knitting detail is breathtaking.

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