Monday, April 5, 2010

Girlfriend in a Coma, the Smiths

I don't have much of a say around the house when it comes to music, Andy is the controller of all media, don't even try to fight it. I know, I know, it isn't fair. However, one must realize that Andy has introduced me to all the best things in life: a cherub son, gorgeous art, my true self, the Rich Pavel fish (surfboard) and last but not least, the very best music. Therefore, the time came many years ago for me to shut up and listen (VERY RARE OCCURENCE no other male has accomplished this ). I had to hear to the Smiths for a month straight, well I tolerated it for a month straight and then argument arose on Neptune Avenue in Leucadia, "THIS BAND IS DEPRESSING" I BLURTED OUT. "ENOUGH." Andy's hand blocked the power switch. Then this song came on, I played it over and over until I could sing along.

But why was I bouncing about singing about a girl in a coma, how twisted right? It was like being in Yoga class chanting that "Om shala shala" prayer. You know you like it, it feels good, it sounds good, but what the hell am I saying?

Turns out the yoga prayer was all positive & the girlfriend in a coma song lends its name to the 1998 novel "Girlfriend in a Coma" by Douglas Coupland. No less twisted but now I know the origination of the lyrics at least.

The song created a scuffle between Morrisey who insisted on recording the song & Johnny Marr who did not want to do so. Soon after, Marr left the band. Leave it up to me to love THAT song. Even after I agree to be educated, the nerd in me will not die.

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  1. Love this post Ash! I love The Smiths but can appreciate your initial rebuttal. AND I loved "Girlfriend in a Coma!" In fact you're inspiring me to read it again. It's been too long. One of my favorite quotes ... "She called me "Beb," a snotty contraction of "Babe." Sometimes I call Eric "Beb" for fun. He has no idea I'm doing it because it just sounds like my valley girl coming through.