Monday, April 19, 2010

Rumors are flying about these:

There are already a whole crew of shredders lining up to have a go. Back off boyz . . . give a sister a try. Gonna lay in bed tonight and figure out how to weasel this out of Manny's hands for an hour. Perhaps I will bake some cookies.
Visit the Manny's website Mandala Custom Shapes and order now.
I RODE IT, this quad is a speed demon. A must have for summer.

5'1" Mini Simmons Quad
20" x 2.5"
ice blue opaque
wet-sanded gloss
marine-ply AK4s by Daniel Partch
Moonlight Glassing!


  1. Now I'm really glad you surfed instead of coffee, you go girl!

  2. I'm so envious! Here I am stuck in my land locked London work space dreaming of riding that mini-sim! How does it ride? I know they trim well and develop lots of speed, but how are they in the pocket? How's the turns? Spill the beans!

  3. O.k. Mitch, I am no board expert but I have had the random privilege of riding boards by some of the best shapers around the last couple of years. Thanks to Andy and his advice. I have been totally in love with my Rich Pavel twin fin fish. For the first time I found a board to rival it: this quad. It turns on a dime, holds like a knife in the pocket and races through sections I never thought I could make. From my experience, a board is either good all around or it isn't. THis is a sure thing. :) Hope you can get one and have a go in Cornwall or something. I have been land locked before, I understand. Good luck finding your way back to the ocean.